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2019-01-24 14:28 / Posted by to Gourmet

Kagoshima is located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu Island, the climate is warm and humid. Rich Hot springs, beautiful outlying islands, dense forests, more and more people are obsessed with here, of course, there is an important reason, that is, the local specialties.


1. Shabu Shabu Pot with black pork

Shabu Shabu Pot with black pork can be said to be the most iconic local delicacy in Kagoshima. Kurobuta, which literally translates to ‘black pork’, is a delicious Kagoshima specialty. The name comes not from the color of the meat, but of the color of the animal itself. The black pork has been a Kagoshima favorite ever since due to its tender meat and distinct flavor.

Shabu Shabu pot is to be able to black pork sweet soft tender performance vividly. Be sure to try this shop, which is highly recommended by the locals.

Store name】三十三間堂

AddressJapan, 892-0844 Kagoshima-ken, Kagoshima-shi, Yamanokuchichō, 12−1 鹿児島センタービル 15F

2. Kagoshima Ramen

Kagoshima Ramen is not only popular with locals, but more and more people come to Kagoshima to eat it. Although it looks very rich, in fact, eat unexpectedly refreshing and not greasy, very popular with female tourists.

Store nameTontoro Tenmokan Main Restaurant 豚とろ

Address9-41 Yamanokuchichō, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 892-0844, Japan

3. Light Soup Steamed bread

Light Soup Steamed bread, the Japanese name is輕羹饅頭, It is a specialty of Kagoshima, and it uses natural yams with high quality japonica rice powder with white pastries steamed in sugar. Distinctive sweetness and soft taste is its biggest feature, it is popular dim sum in the country and in the fruit.

Store name】輕羹饅頭 明石屋 本店

Address4-16 Kinseichō, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 892-0828, Japan

4. Shirokuma ice

Known as Japan’s kawaii ice cream, shirokuma ice is the perfect remedy for those hot summer days, or any day really – any excuse to eat this delicious treat! Traditionally, Japanese shaved ice desserts are served up with syrups such as strawberry or melon, though this is not the case with shirokuma ice which is coated with lashings of condensed milk and fruit. Decorated into the shape of a polar bear’s face, hence the name shirokuma which means polar bear in Japanese, this is a super popular desert which has people coming from all over Japan to enjoy the nostalgic taste of Kagoshima’s twist on a Japanese summer dessert classic. Make a beeline for Temmonkammujaki which serves up a colorful array of flavored shirokuma ice which can be eaten in or taken away.

Store name】うなぎの末よし

AddressJapan, 892-0842 Kagoshima-ken, Kagoshima-shi, Higashisengokuchō, 14, 東千石町1410

5. Sweet potato cakes

40 percent of Japan’s sweet potatoes, or satsuma-imo as they are known in Japan, are produced in Kagoshima. The sweet potatoes grown in Kagoshima are renowned for their sweetness, making them the perfect ingredient with which to make the delicious sweet potato cakes that can be found throughout Kagoshima. These sweet cakes make the perfect souvenir to bring back to loved ones and are also a great tasting snack to power you through your exploration of Kagoshima. The Festivalo sweets shop inside Kagoshima-Chuo Station stocks beautifully presented sweet potato cakes of every flavor from macha to chestnut.

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