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2019-01-24 14:21 / Posted by to Gourmet

It is said that Fukuoka has a bowl of world-famous noodles that features thin noodles in a thick, creamy tonkotsu soup, topped with slices of chashu, This is "Hakata Ramen." A lot of people come to Fukuoka and they all like to eat a bowl of ramen noodles. In fact, Fukuoka's food is not only famous for ramen noodles. beef hot pot, chicken hot pot, seafood dishes, spicy ming Prince ... And so on are the local "famous", a variety of food has also made it have a "food in the Fukuoka" reputation.

1. Hot pot with offal

In the streets of Fukuoka, the sign of the words "もつ鍋 can be seen everywhere. The popular hot pot, which is famous all over Japan, is said to have originated in soy sauce flavors from Fukuoka coal miners. The ingredients used in each store are much the same, most of them are cooked with bovine viscera and garlic in order to go fishy, add bonito or wood fish and kelp cooked into the Fukuoka flavor soup, seasoned with soy sauce, and then put cabbage, leeks and so on stew together to cooked, with a strong taste and rich aroma of cattle hot pot can start to eat.

2. Chicken Hotpot

Fukuoka people eat Chicken hot pot program is very fastidious, when the hot pot on the table, everyone first tacitly drink original soup, soup with a little salt and onion, and then savor the delicious chicken soup, and then taste chicken and vegetables, then dip sauce "Ponzu" citrus vinegar is essential; finally add rice, with chowder porridge finish, Slippery tender and fragrant in the mouth overflowing, After you finish eating, you'll be very satisfied.

3. Seafood Cuisine

Fukuoka's fishing industry is very developed, its catch is at the forefront of Japan, the earliest fish market auction was born in Fukuoka, the seafood restaurant is everywhere. Most seafood restaurants use fresh seafood such as herring, fish ginseng, cuttlefish, shellfish, etc., which are delivered directly from the Genkai Sea. The broccoli dish, seasoned with soy sauce and sesame seeds, is Fukuoka's specialty seafood dish.

4. Yatai cuisine

When you get to Fukuoka, how can you miss the Yatai cuisine at night? Yatai appeared in the simple form of move vendors, and later in the streets of fixed positions side of the business, there are mainly ramen, tempura, kanto cooking, beef kebab, fried dumplings and other snacks, open from evening until late at night. There are still about 150 Yatai in Tenjin, Nakasu and Nagahama. Drilling through a variety of curtain is a gourmet paradise, These are the witnesses to the life of the Fukuoka.

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