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2019-01-24 14:12 / Posted by to Gourmet

1. Oysters

Oysters are one of the most famous things to eat in Hiroshima, and the area produces two-thirds of all the oysters in Japan. The Seto Inland Sea provides optimal conditions for oyster farming, and every year the Hiroshima Oyster Road opens up along the shores of Hiroshima Bay with numerous kinds of oyster eateries available to serve the public. Oysters can be enjoyed raw or used in all kinds of dishes, but one particular specialty of Hiroshima is a hot pot dish known as “kaki no dotenabe”. The dish features succulent Hiroshima oysters simmered in an earthenware pot lined with sweet miso bean paste, together with tofu, vegetables, and a flavorful broth.

2. Momiji-Manju

Momiji-manju is a famous local specialty that is frequently purchased by visitors to Hiroshima as an omiyage, a type of food souvenir in Japan. It’s a small cake in the shape of a maple leaf, a traditional symbol of Hiroshima, that’s filled with sweet red bean paste or flavors like matcha green tea, chocolate, and cream cheese. Be sure to pick up a few momiji-manju cakes to treat your friends and family back home to some delicious Hiroshima food.

3. Tsukemen

Tsukemen is a noodle dish that’s best described as “soupless ramen”. It’s made with the same noodles and toppings as ramen, but rather than soup, the ingredients are served with a bowl of concentrated dipping sauce on the side. In Hiroshima, the dipping sauce is a hot and spicy soup flavored with fiery red chilies, which can be customized to your prefered spice level. This dish is incredibly popular in the Hiroshima area—even more so than ramen!

4. Anago

Around the island of Miyajima with its famous shrine that seems to float on the water, anago (conger eel) is a specialty seafood that can be caught in abundance from the sea. It’s used in a highly popular local dish called “anago-meshi”, or grilled eel over rice. Soft and fluffy eel meat is steamed with rice, imparting a wonderful color and flavor to every grain. The rice is topped with another piece of anago roasted over charcoal for a smoky aroma, and the dish is flavored with just a bit of soy sauce. If you can’t make it out to Miyajima for a fresh bowl of anago-meshi, you can always pick up an ekiben (train station bento lunch) offered at major train stations in Hiroshima.

5. Shakushi Senbei

If you are thinking of bringing some savoury snacks home as souvenirs, check out the Shakushi Senbei, another popular souvenir of Hiroshima. These rice crackers are made into the shape of ladles, a symbol of Miyajima. Well-wishes for safety, happiness, and more are delicately written on the ladle-shaped crackers, serving as a meaningful souvenir for you to give to your loved ones back home! You can purchase these good luck snacks at major gift shops in the city.

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