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2019-01-24 13:58 / Posted by to Gourmet

Many people like to visit Nagoya, Japan

Except for the Osaka Castle is familiar to the world.

Unique local cuisine is in which consumers with an excellent reputation.

We encourage you to come try some Nagoya-meshi in its place of origin, Nagoya.

1. Ogura toast

Ogura toast, which is now available in convenience stores around the country, first emerged as a staple of Nagoya’s cafes.

It’s made with piping hot toast spread with plenty of margarine, with ogura red bean paste heaped on top.

The saltiness of the margarine and sweetness of the ogura create a wonderful harmony that spreads through the mouth.

2. Kishimen

Flattened udon noodles with a rich soup, made of soy sauce base and bonito stock, and typically topped with kamaboko, aburaage-fried tofu, spinach, and bonito flakes: Kishimen has become known throughout Japan as a famous food of Nagoya thanks to the standing eateries in its stations.

A major contribution to its popularity came in 1964, when the opening of the bullet train gave people from around the country a chance to visit Nagoya, and they sampled the dish as they came.

3. Ankake Spaghetti

Unique in its own right and possibly Nagoya’s most famous and interesting dish. This pasta dish features spaghetti topped with a spicy and sticky sauce.

Thick spaghetti noodles are pan fried and topped with colourful vegetables and red Vienna sausages. I recommend trying this dish at Spaghetti House Yokoi.

4. Sugakiya ramen

Sugakiya is the name of the chain store, and all those born and raised in Nagoya must have visited the store. It's not too bad to say that Nagoya's soul is food. It’s a taste you can’t experience in Tokyo.

5. Tenmusu

Tenmusu is a kind of onigiri (rice ball) with small tempura-fried shrimp inside.

They’re smaller than regular onigiri, meaning that you can eat as many as you want, and making them a priceless treasure for snacks outside of regular mealtimes.

The tempura uses nicely-textured Akasha shrimp, and the fluffy batter is delicious.

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