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2019-01-24 13:43 / Posted by to Gourmet

Hokkaido is well known not only for its fisheries, but also for its livestock and agriculture, which Hokkaido prides itself on seafood, pork and vegetables. Delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients are definitely not to be missed.

1. Sea urchin salmon eggs rice

The food that must not be missed when you come to Hokkaido is seafood, not only fresh, but also cheaper than other places. Even sea urchins and salmon eggs, two popular but expensive seafood, they can be easily tasted in Hokkaido at a cheap price. This bowl of sea urchin salmon eggs rice can satisfy your desire to eat sea urchins and salmon eggs at once. Full of fresh sea urchins, rich and sweet, coupled with crystal clear, granular salmon eggs, As soon as you eat it once, you'll never forget its delicacy.

2. Cream Potato

Bake a soft, sweet potato, then clip a piece of cream, use the potato heat to melt the cream, let the rich milk fragrance seep into the potato, If you think about it, you can't help drooling.

Hokkaido's potato yield for about two-thirds of Japan's total, milk production also accounts for more than One-second of All Japan. Dairy products and potatoes are famous for their delicious, This collection of cream potatoes is an unmissable delicacy for a trip to Hokkaido!

3. Wakkanai: tako-shabu sliced octopus

More Giant Pacific octopus are caught in Wakkanai than anywhere else in Japan. Octopus can be transformed into many different dishes, but here in Wakkanai the specialty dish is tako-shabu (where shabu stems from the more commonly known meat-based variant shabu-shabu).

After giving the thinly sliced octopus a swift dip into a vegetable-soaked broth, you’ll find your mouth engulfed by the octopus’ natural sweetness.

There is also a variety of pickled sauces to try, all of which transform the dish into remarkable new flavors. Additionally, octopus is said to have a multitude of beneficial effects on its consumer such as a lowering of cholesterol, a blood cleansing mechanism, and improvements to liver functions.

4. Rice Topped with pork

In addition to the famous vegetables and seafood in Hokkaido, the animal husbandry is also very developed. Pork slices stained with sweet salty sauce, roasted with charcoal fire after the cover on the white rice to complete the pork rice. Pork tender juicy, with a slightly sweet sauce is very eat, seemingly simple cuisine, not only to meet your taste buds, the weight and price is also satisfactory.

5. Crab

Out of the list of what you can eat in Hokkaido, crabs are one of the most famous and popular. The quality of crabs in Hokkaido is known as the best in Japan and you can eat more reasonably too. Hokkaido has some types of crabs like king crabs, and all of them taste amazing.

You can eat crabs in a variety of ways in Hokkaido, such as sushi and shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot).

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