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Japanese Tofu

2019-01-24 12:26 / Posted by to Gourmet

Tofu is a soy product that’s been made for thousands of years. Also known as bean curd, tofu is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the resulting curds into blocks. The ingredient is essential in Japanese cooking and used in everything from appetizers to soups to fried dishes!

Some of the most popular tofu products and dishes are as follows:

1. Silken Tofu (kinu tofu)

Silken tofu, known as kinu tofu or kinugoshi tofu in Japanese (絹ごし豆腐), is the first type of tofu you need to know. This tofu, which gets its name from its smooth and soft texture, can be considered the standard Japanese tofu. Unlike other tofu varieties, silken tofu is not pressed to extract the whey. Instead, the soy milk solidifies into a soft, custard-like block. Some refer to silken tofu as fresh tofu.

2. Regular Tofu

Also called momen-dofu in Japanese (木綿豆腐), this tofu type has undergone the straining process to remove the excess water and whey. This step uses a cotton cloth to strain the liquid out, hence the name momen, which means cotton in Japanese. The texture of regular tofu is firmer and considered easier to cook. Regular tofu is also referred to as coarse tofu, cotton tofu, or spongy tofu.

3. Deep Fried Tofu

4. Freeze Dried Tofu

5. Fermented Tofu

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