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2019-01-23 17:56 / Posted by to Gourmet

Rice (also called okome, お米) is the most important and core crop in Japan, it is the foundation of many Japanese cuisines, the staple food of Japanese diet and the basic importance of Japanese food culture.

In addition to being cooked as a basic staple food, the grains are also processed into different types of food, such as alcohol, vinegar and flour. The following are some common foods made with rice and some rice dishes that are ubiquitous in every household in Japan's streets.

Japanese rice is divided into different kinds, include white rice, brown rice, multigrain rice and glutinous rice.

Because rice is one of the most important staple foods for Japanese people, Japanese farmers put a lot of effort into the pursuit of producing the best rice grain. The high quality of rice however also means a high price due to the amount of effort needed to cultivate and process such a quality product. I would recommend the brand called koshihikari (こしひかり or コシヒカリ) which is one of the best brands of rice grain, noted for its sweet taste.

Here are the different foods made with Japanese rice:

1. Rice Wine (Nihonshu or Sake)

2. Rice Vinegar

3. Rice Flour

4. Rice Bran (Nuka)

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